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UPVC Exterior Spray Process | Spraying Commercial & Domestic Exteriors
Want to see what a complete transformation looks like?

1. Survey

This is the begining of the exterior spray process. Our surveyor will visit your site/home and assess the job requirements and access. This will help us to the next stage of providing a detailed quote of the job.

2. Quote

After our surveyor has been out we will take into account the access, the reach of the windows and access equipment required for safety. The size of the areas {commercial or domestic premises) to be sprayed will be taken into account and a quote will be provided within a day, detailing the job specification and timeline.

3. Preparation

We ensure that all your possessions are safe and protected; areas are accessible for our technicians.  Safety issues are addressed , whilst our equipment is setup in your surroundings.

4. Clean

We use specialist cleaning products which do not harm your existing frame to de-grease from contamination. This helps our spray technician to give it the best possible finish in preparation for your 10 Year Guarantee.

5. Masking

We will use Q1 products to mask your glass and surrounding area to insure no overspray is applied to other areas. We also use a Light abrasion to key the paint to the surface.

6. Spraying

The technician will apply a mist coat to the area with your unique chosen paint. Thereafter two further exterior spray top coats are applied to insure durability of your new transformation.

7. Quality Control

Our senior technician will check all work to see all standards are applied to the job. Thereafter the masking will be removed from all areas and cleaned.